Five laboratories in the center.
Chemical catalysts R & D laboratory. Has the whole R&D facilities from the catalyst synthesis, screening, evaluation and optimization.
Chemical Synthesis Laboratory. Has all of the equipment applied in usual chemical synthesization.
Laboratory of pilot industrial scale. Has a complete pilot plant to test and find out amplification effects from the laboratory to industrial scale that may arise. 
Industrial purification laboratory. Has several sets of distillation devices from ordinary distillation to rectification.
Quality Control & Analysis Laboratory. Has NMR, HPLC, GC, Spectrophotometer, Karl Fischer titrator etc.



The technical experts of B-FCTL includes the following personnel:
One of the owners who obtained the first prize of innovation in first "Chunhui Cup", which is a highest-level contest organized by Chinese government for returning students and scholars even-studying overseas;
Expert in national "A Thousand Talents Program";
Expert in "A Hundred Talents Plan of Hebei Province ";
Expert who obtained the award of "Middle-aged and Young Experts of Science and Technology with Outstanding Contribution in Hebei Province";
Hebei Province's outstanding returning students and scholars even-studying overseas;
Hebei Province's outstanding expert.


A long-term cooperation with Chemical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, whose pilot plant test base of new polymer material is established at B-FCTL.
Technology exchanges and cooperation with some world's top 500 companies in related industries. 

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