Annual selection of excellent S&T workers in Hebei province in 2016


Recently,  Doc.Yili Lu, the chairman of B-FCTL Co., Ltd, was on the list of annual selection of excellent S&T workers in Hebei province in 2016.


The group is a chemical manufacturer of medical intermediate which has been being committed to green chemistry. Cause the method of prevention applied since beginning, on the basis of the theory of atom economy, the goal of zero emission and zero pollution was attained in the whole manufacturing process. Meanwhile, the group has made a prominent contribution to the development of science and technology for Bohai new zone.


Its known as the people award of Hebei excellent S&T workers facing all S&T workers in Hebei province and focusing on the striving and unselfish spirit. With the authorization of provincial Party committee and provincial administration , the award was set up On January, 1998. The prize winner shall be recognized by four units: provincial organization department, provincial S&T department, provincial human recourse department and provincial S&T institute.    

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