B-FCTL Co.,Ltd.

                                                           ------A green chemistry developer

      B-FCTL is a pioneering green chemical enterprise cooperating closely with Tsinghua University and a Hebei province new high-tech enterprise. B-FCTL was founded in 2001 by a group of experienced chemists and chemical engineers, containing some of the top scientists of oversea returnees, such as the expert of national "thousand people program" and the expert of "Hebei province Hundred Talents Program", and those who have over-ten-year research experience in pharmaceutics in North America.


      B-FCTL is located at the Cangzhou Coastal-Port Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering a land mass of 26.7 hectares and 580 million RMB of its first-stage-project investments.


      From the beginning of founding, we had put forward the concept of green chemical manufacture and our special green chemical theory as the basis of our enterprise culture. We are the only manufacturer in the world to synthesize Hydroxyethylethoxypiperazine, the only in China to produce DMDEE and some other products, through a green and environmentally friendly process, and the first to apply continuous industrial producing technology to produce them. Over the past decade, we persist in our motto "zero pollution, zero waste" as we engage in reforming the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, which are traditionally regarded as high pollution fields, through green chemistry.


      In the beginning of 2017, B-FCTL, as only one chemicals and pharmaceutical company with the title"a green plant and a breakthrough of key green manufacturing technology", was selected into "2016 national green manufacturing system integration” as part of China’s national strategy "Made in China 2025", which was first selection for green manufacture in China in 2017 and means that B-FCTL has become a benchmark for the whole national pharmaceutical and chemical companies in China.


      Up to now, our business has covered industrial auxiliaries, medical intermediates, molecular sieve based catalysts, and polyurethane catalysts.


Industrial auxiliaries: We can produce: yearly 1000-ton neutralizing corrosion inhibitors and bactericide, which have been widely used in domestic oil refineries, steel mills, and pesticides; yearly 60,000-ton water-borne coatings intermediate; and yearly 10,000-ton textile auxiliary agent.


Medical intermediate: We are the first in the world to synthesize Hydroxyethylethoxypiperazine, an intermediate for quetiapine fumarate, through a green and environmentally friendly process, and the first to apply a one-step continuous industrial producing technology to produce it. Furthermore, our process has a lower production cost and is waste free.


Molecular sieve based catalyst: We can design and produce molecular sieves to the specifications of our clients. Our yearly capacity is around 1000 tons. There are many Fortune 500 enterprises interested in this service and seeking the opportunity to cooperate with us.


Polyurethane catalyst: We are the largest producer of DMDEE around the world. We are also a stable supplier of BDMAEE and some other PU catalysts. We have cooperated with many Fortune 500 chemical enterprises for more than 10 years. So far, our products have exported to about 30 countries and regions. 

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